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Make the best of this life, that you can. You’ll never know when death takes you. It could be any minute or moment. Right this second you could possibly die, no one knows the future. Only ideas of the past create the present as in « Now ». Statistics are false in a way, it’s predicting a […]

via Quote #36 — Chaotic Shapes


thank you Brandon  for this  » NOW  » moment ….i guess i did this effort to prove myself i could do it .

Accepting reality means a lot to an empath like me . I couldn’t really stop to listen to this inner child we keep silent , as growing comes with this oppressive domination of adutlhood references … LOOKING at our actual world , seems it’s not only for constructive reasons  . Nevertheless, carefuly, more than half a century has passed , visions are still acurate and many are synchonicities …SOMETIMES , sorry i was right on so many topics before it was spread out , forgetting some useless and undue guiltiness for having keeping my envisionning secret …So much to unlearn from the institutional establishment of murderers and people of felony ; without conscience or any respect for life itself  , except their own for sure .

We all can feel we’ve been scammed and cheated when learning superfetatory details at school, we already knew the bigger thing ; Something is weird with what we call our world , supposedly we are unique and free to imagine the best we want to live in . I REALISED soon , everyone ‘s dreams might be messy  to realise properly outhere … Good luck Universe and ITS LAW OF ATTRACTION …

i was in this case of Understanding faster , emotionnaly hyper-sensitive , more sharing when others among  pairs were selfish and  generaly more violent …I KNEW my mental  has an original power of wisdom  . Simplicity and loyalty with that touch of magic due to innocence and confidence over curiosity and experimentations . An impressive auditive and visual memory probably increased after an initial trauma in primary age , due to emotional stress; fear of abandon , violences , mistreatment , psychological and physical abuses, the start was quite severe and brutal …here we are , decades later , TILL nowadays ,  survivors are the resilients …

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 is here !

i need a whiteboard ….



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  1. Read everything.

    Happy you could relate to the writing.

    These words you speak, I can relate to. I sense much love and positive energy from your soul.

    Continue one being the strongest version of yourself, every day leads to a greater beginning. Don’t give up on yourself.! 🙂

    I believe in you, wish you a happy new year.

    Send much love and happiness your way.

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    1. Thank you so much precious Brandon !
      i ‘m proud to be in that number who can value others with their heart and emotional intelligence …
      Sorry for my French …i would remind you basis of this terrible language …lol

      Not surprised you ‘re able to feel the artificial gap of understanding words but rely on vibrations inside …
      Probably another way to interact , complementary to your visual perception and transmission canal …
      hahaha i won’t complicate the thing , telling too much …
      see you further along the pathway

      let’s keep it simple …welcome 2018


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